Consolidating your brand across print and digital platforms.

Social media platforms increasingly have become a main hub where your audience will find you. Having a consolidated branding strategy that intertwines your corporate identity as a whole accross print media and digital platforms is key for brand recognition. Your logo, printed material, and digital assets, must all express the same graphic identity. This means that your business card, your website, and your social media accounts must be coordinated in two levels: corporate message and visual identity.

A social media banner can serve three different functions on your platforms:



Custom banners can become a powerful information tool within your profile page, describing who you are and providing to your audience a first impression of your business or organization.


Banners can also be used as a marketing tool for campaigns, by customizing your message along the way. It is possible to advertise special offerings, discounts, new products, on a seasonal basis.


Banners are a good and simple tool to reflect alliances or partnerships. The most common way to do this is by depicting logos, pictures,  or even using brief text about such strategic group efforts. 

Keeping a consolidated branding strategy: from website to customized Facebook banner.