Organic Growth or Paid Advertising? 

The majority of our clients choose a balance between organic growth and paid advertising in social media. Organic growth starts with a good foundation of your site. Google prefers sites that are fast, secure, mobile friendly, and that have high-quality content.

In addition to organic growth, most of our clients use paid advertising on social media channels. Social media advertising is a way to target audiences on specific networks through demographic information so targeted consumers can see your brand in their feeds. You have to be strategic with your ad spend, content selection, targeting frequency and audience demographics. A thorough guide on social media advertising can be found at Sprout Social. Our team has developed videos, static and motion ads for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram.

Did you know?

3.2 billion people are using social media around the world, about 42% of the population.

91% of all social media users access their accounts via mobile devices.

71% of social media users are willing to recommend a product via social media channels.