Websites for Farmers Markets


About This Project


Design a website for a leading farm market located in Maryland that offers three different options for its customers: online orders, produce stands, and CSA subscriptions, The challenge was to design a layout that showed the three buying options clearly.


Our team delivered a fully branded WordPress website segmenting each service. We optimized their portfolio images showing product samples and showcasing the beautiful scenery of the farm. The site includes 6 main pages, blog archive, and single post template, 2 contact forms, and 4 service subpages.


Along with one of our copywriting experts, Joe Dayton, we assisted our client to create a robust content, based on his service descriptions and keyword analysis. 

Sitemap and Navigation

We split the top menu into a top bar and the main header, to make it easier for the users to find the content. Top bar: About, Employment, Blog, Recipes, Contact. The header was reserved exclusively for the three shopping segments: Visit Our Stands, CSA Subscription, and Shop Online.

  • Contact forms (2)
  • Blog archives (2)
  • Single post templates (2)
  • Instagram feed
  • Constant Contact integration
  • Option to print recipes
  • History timeline
  • Seasonal Popups

Maintenance Plan

Monthly maintenance to check security, software updates. Edit content and images as needed.

Technology used:
constant contact
websites for farmers markets

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