Monthly maintenance plans to keep your site secure and working optimally

WordPress websites need to be updated on a regular basis to ensure proper performance.

Our team will back up your site weekly, protect it from spam and malware, keep your content and assets updated, and run monthly health audits so you can rest assured that your site functions properly. 

Did you know that your site will have better chances to appear on Google searches if it’s secure, has optimal performance and fresh content?

Web Maintenance Plans




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Why is it important to maintain your WordPress site updated?

Enhanced security and performance

The WordPress community continuously releases new features to enhance software performance and security continuously.

Failing to update your site’s WordPress version, themes, and plugins on a regular basis, will expose it to security vulnerabilities will hinder its performance. You will also be missing on new features and enhancements.

Positive user engagement

By keeping your software, content, and images up to date, your visitors will have a great experience. A website that looks and feels fresh, relevant, and engaging keeps customers coming back.

Higher ranking on Google searches

Google looks at many factors in order to index your site. Aspects such as optimal speed, structure, and content recency are important. An updated site leads to higher visibility in Google, which translated in more visits and better ranking positions for Search Engines. 

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