Claudia Lopez

Manager Web Development

“My favorite web platform is WordPress. It’s so easy to edit text and images without the need to use much coding. This is ideal for most of our customers, too, since they can maintain their sites easily”

Claudia is a graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Veracruz, Mexico; where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. Claudia is in charge of WordPress content management.  She updates content of our WordPress websites on a daily basis and handles research projects for our clients. Claudia is a seasoned user of Divi, one of our most popular WordPress themes. She is an avid and quick learner, and pays close attention to detail on all of her work. Besides working with WordPress websites, Claudia enjoys customer service as well as finding new business growth opportunities. 

In her free time, Claudia enjoys swimming and extreme sports, such as sky diving. She also enjoys traveling and visiting amusement parks with extreme rides!

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