Although digital media is becoming more prevalent than print, in some instances, postcards can be an effective media to reach you audience. Postcards allow you to include more detailed information about your business. Most of the time, our clients use postcards to advertise a specific seasonal event or promotion. You want to design postcards that have the longest shelf life possible. This is good for your business, as your clients will see your company’s information for a longer time, and it’s better for the planet, as you will be able to print less continuously. One example to extend the life of your postcard, is to include useful information that your clients will want to keep, for instance:

1. Include a calendar on the back.

2. Add a yearly calendar of events from the community.

3. Include tips related to your industry, that can help your clients.

4. Think of turning your postcard into a fun, useful, items, such as a recipe cards or an emergency contact card.

Click here to find a link to some of the most common postcard sizes in the US.