Meet our creative Bluewing team

Our team members have a professional background in graphic design, web development, marketing, audio engineering, and video production. Having such a variety of skills enables us to approach every project from a comprehensive perspective that combines business development, visual and audio communications, as well as media technology.



Why hire us?


At Bluewing we believe that teamwork yields higher excellence in delivery. This is why every project is handled by a minimum of two designers, which allows our clients to benefit from a variety of strengths, styles, and skills. Working as a team also allows us to cope with tight deadlines of production.


Every client is different as well as their needs. That’s why we make sure to incorporate your vision throughout the design process.  Our team will partner with yours to ensure a final result that meets your expectations. 


Since we work as a team, there will always be someone available to assist you. Whether you need a quote or you need to work on an active project, we will always be happy to help.

Do you have a project in mind? 

We look forward to assisting you! Send us a message about your project in the form below, or call us at 703.539.2358.

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